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SÍOL brings innovative new drama to TG4

Showcase for a new generation of writing and directing talent.

The exciting results of a new development initiative for television drama will air on TG4 soon with six new productions brought to screen under the generic title Síol (Seed).

Under the scheme, co-founded by TG4, the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (now the BAI) and Údarás na Gaeltachta, Irish writers and directors who wished to gain experience in TV drama were invited to submit projects. Six drama projects, each of thirty minutes duration, were chosen, on a loose theme of 'family'. These have now been developed and produced and will be broadcast each Monday from 08th of March at 10pm on TG4.

In the first drama Náire we meet Eoghan who is racked with guilt as he tries to come to terms with the aftermath of his failed attempted suicide. The turmoil is compounded by the fact that he tried to bring his 8 year old son Darach with him in the suicide attempt. Although he tries to pick up the pieces of his life and make piece with his son and his estranged wife, he seems to be beyond redemption. Writer: Clíona Ruiséil, Director: Tomás Seoighe.

The second drama Abinitio on the 15th of March sees a charming coming of age story in which Fionnuala returns home from her travels after a year out from College. A huge student loan and the NEWSure of being a young woman living at home force Fionnuala to take on a part time job teaching Irish to foreigners. Although reluctant, her interaction with the diverse group of students forces Fionnuala to question herself and her place in the World. Written by Mebh Johnstone and directed by Marion Ní Loingsigh.

The harrowing story of a teenager's journey from Galway to London for a secret abortion is the theme of Cinneadh, the third drama which can be seen on the 22nd March. Lisa is joined by her close friend Kate as they bunk off school hoping to fly over and back without anyone noticing their absence. The many obstacles they face on the journey distract Lisa from dealing with the momentous decision she has made until she is face to face with the harsh reality. Written by Fiona Ní Eidhin and directed by Darach Mac Con Iomaire.

Set in an alternative reality the fourth drama, An Líne, finds our central characters, the young couple Joe & Mary, in an Ireland of strict curfews and a dominating state system. Faced with an unexpected pregnancy and a system which grants or refuses a license to be parents, Joe and Mary struggle with a decision which will determine their place in a harsh, uncaring society. This will be on TG4 on 29th of March. Written by Kevin Lavelle & Diarmuid Goggins and directed by Diarmuid Goggins.

The fifth drama on the Easter Monday sees Éabha who is in her mid thirties and is anxious to have a child before it is too late. She is in a relationship with Pete, but he has children from a previous relationship and is reluctant to do so again. To satisfy her maternal instinct Éabha ends her relationship with Pete and searches for a suitable partner to father her child. Although she is completely focused on achieving motherhood she soon realises that there are serious repercussions to her ambitions. Written by Fiona Ní Dhuibhir and directed by Paul Mercier.

The final episode on the 12th of April called shows Liam who is a troublesome sixteen year old boy from a broken home. His mother is more interested in drinking and casual affairs than looking after San Eangach Liam and his 5 year old sister Daisy. Liam is torn between caring for his younger sister and his one great love, being the outstanding player on the local hurling team. When a well to do team member is violently attacked and left for dead after a match, Liam is automatically accused and questioned by the Gardaí. Is Liam guilty or is it an opportunity for the village to eject an "undesirable" from the community. Written by Louise Ní Fhiannachta and directed by Eimear Ní Choisdealbha.

TG4 Commissioning Editor, Proinsias Ni Ghráinne, says the initiative was a huge success. "Original drama is one of the hallmarks of successful national television," she said "and TG4 is proud to be providing a showcase for emerging talent in this innovative scheme. I have no doubt that, as with previous initiatives of this kind from TG4, the seeds sown will blossom and bear fruit and that those involved will move successfully to the next level of major and multi-episode television drama projects."

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