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TG4 Player upgrade offers Subtitle choice and a Chromecast option

In another ground-breaking technology development, TG4 today has launched an upgrade of its Player that makes it possible for users to select (or deselect) subtitles for all stored content on the Player.  This means that people who wish to view recently-broadcast programmes without subtitles can do so.  Those who prefer/require subtitles can continue to view them.  Furthermore, if Irish subtitles have been created for the content being viewed, users whose preference is for Irish language subtitles can select them.

Many TG4 viewers have praised the TV channel’s offering of subtitles on its pre-recorded Irish language output for adults.  Others who do not require English subtitles have sought the option not to have them.  The new App makes it possible for the first time to serve the needs of all users by offering individual choice.

The App upgrade also makes it compatible with Chromecast, a significant and attractive addition that small-screen devices can access the TG4 Player and then cast it for viewing on a larger screen.

Both developments further improve world-wide access to TG4’s Irish language content.  Users can connect with the Irish language year-round on the Player and thus improve their fluency, availing of subtitles for some content and as their proficiency improves, opting to view with Irish subtitles or indeed without any subtitles. The new features are available on the new TG4 Player App on IOS devices, on Smart TV sets and on for all content broadcast for the first time on TG4 from April 2016.

Users can obtain the latest TG4 App from the Apple Store (IOS) or by upgrading the existing version.   Users who access the TG4 Player via their Web Browser can avail of the new features on Browser versions Explorer 9 or later and Windows 98 or later.

TG4’s Head of Output Lís Ní Dhálaigh said that TG4 continues to realise the potential of developing technology to serve the differing needs and preferences of its audience worldwide.  “It is clear from our TV audience feedback that for a significant portion of our audience, the availability of subtitles is an essential support that allows them to access and enjoy our content,” she said.  “Other viewers do not need or prefer to do without subtitles and find them intrusive and hampering their viewing enjoyment. With this new departure, users of the TG4 Player can choose their preferred subtitle option when viewing content that we’ve broadcast”.

She paid tribute to TG4’s in-house technology team who designed and created the new App.  “Our channel motto súil eile covers not just the content we provide but our approach to technology too.  This latest initiative will further serve our world-wide audience’s particular needs.”

Content available includes documentaries, drama, music & arts, lifestyle, entertainment, kids & young people and current affairs.

Linda Ní Ghríofa,
TG4 091-505228  or 087-9172864

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