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Sunday December 17th

  • 5:30AM
    France 24

    France 24Series 9, Episode 350

    FRANCE 24 2017 - 350 Tx 17/12/17

    FRANCE 24 is France's 24 hour international news channel, characterized by respect for diversity and attention to political and cultural differences and identities. Presented live from Paris, the channel has 180 staff journalists and correspondents all over the world.

  • 7:00AM
    Cúla 4

    Cúla 4

    Cúla 4 kicks off at 7 a.m. each morning and 4 p.m. weekdays with episodes of Angelo Rules, Get Ace, Jungle Bunch, Camp Lakebottom, Dude that's my Ghost, Garfield and many more of your favourite characters.

  • 7:02AM
    Gearóid na Gaisce (GS)

    Gearóid na Gaisce (GS)Series 1, Episode 4

    A Better Class of Mad / Cough Due to Claw

    Dr. Claw is sent to a school of MAD agents and has to teach them to become more evil. Gadget is sick so Penny and Brain must put a stop to MAD stealing from a museum.

  • 7:24AM
    Camp Lakebottom

    Camp LakebottomSeries 1, Episode 17

    Terror From the Toybox

    Buttsquat gets rid of his teddy bear because everyone is making fun of him.

  • 7:35AM
    Camp Lakebottom

    Camp LakebottomSeries 1, Episode 18

    Slimeball Run

    A race is organised between Camp Lakebottom and Camp Beam. Who will win the race?

  • 7:46AM
    Angelo Rules (GS)

    Angelo Rules (GS)Series 3, Episode 22

    Book of Tracy

    Tracy steals the book Angelo has been keeping filled with his strategies.

  • 8:00AM
    Cúla 4 na nÓg

    Cúla 4 na nÓg

    Cúla4 na nÓg caters for our pre-school audience with shows starting at 7 a.m. each morning and another slot on weekdays at 3 p.m. The zone is bursting with some of the biggest shows - Wanda and the Alien, Masha and the Bear, QPootle, Olly the Little White Van, Dinosaur Train and many more.

  • 8:02AM
    Seo Linn Pocoyo

    Seo Linn PocoyoSeries 3, Episode 13

    Seo Linn Pocoyo - 13

    Elly is baking a cake, she puts it on the table but Pocoyo and Pato break it.

  • 8:09AM
    Seo Linn Pocoyo

    Seo Linn PocoyoSeries 3, Episode 14

    Seo Linn Pocoyo - 14

    Elly has set up a market to play with her friends.

  • 8:16AM
    Zack & Quack

    Zack & QuackSeries 1, Episode 22


    Zack discovers he's not very good at hide-and-seek.

  • 8:28AM
    Dinosaur Train (GS)

    Dinosaur Train (GS)Series 2, Episode 24

    Dinosaur Train - Sraith 2 Festival of Lights/Féile na Soilse

    The Pteranodon family head to the North Pole to see the beautiful Northern Lights. While they wait, the kids decide to put on a big ice skating show for their parents.

  • 8:40AM
    Bia Linn (TS)

    Bia Linn (TS)Series 2, Episode 15

    Indian Food

    It's Bia Linn! The colourful kids cookery show with a mixed bag of ingredients! Muireann is cooking up a storm in the kitchen with the help of some really cool kids. Today is all about Indian Food - another recipe from Mamó's travels. Meanwhile Coco is on a foodie road trip, researching the herbs, spices, food and cooking from India - with some help from his friends who know all about it.

  • 8:54AM
    Woozle & Pip

    Woozle & PipSeries 1, Episode 14

    Woozle & Pip

    Woozle is telling all his friends how much he likes them... But has he forgotten someone?

  • 9:00AM
    Tractor Tom

    Tractor TomSeries 1, Episode 1

    Tractor Tom - 1 Ringtone/An Fón

    When Matt loses his new mobile phone, it's lucky Tractor Tom is on call to track it down.

  • 9:10AM
    PJ Masks

    PJ MasksSeries 1, Episode 30

    Gekko and the Mayhem at the Museum

    Romeo is the nighttime villain who causes trouble tonight.

  • 9:23AM
    Cat a' Hata (GS)

    Cat a' Hata (GS)Series 1, Episode 57

    Digging the Deep

    Nick and Sally are exploring how deep they can dig in the sandbox.

  • 9:35AM
    Alvinnn !!! agus na Chipmunks

    Alvinnn !!! agus na ChipmunksSeries 1, Episode 30

    Back to School

    When Dave discovers he didn't graduate from high school, he finds himself in school again...with Alvin.

  • 9:50AM
    Ainmhithe Beaga sa bhFiántas (OS & TS)

    Ainmhithe Beaga sa bhFiántas (OS & TS)Series 1, Episode 5

    Baby Animals in the Wild 105- AFRICAN SAVANNAH BABIES MORNING

    Today we take a look at baby animals in the African Savannah to see how they spend their morning.

  • 10:20AM
    Naíonáin an Zú (OS)

    Naíonáin an Zú (OS)Series 4, Episode 6

    Zoo Juniors - 6

    Climbing trees is second nature to the American black bear cubs, but their antics make their keepers nervous. The hippos enjoy an afternoon snack in the pool, and Evita the anteater is bottle fed - it takes two keepers and hours of patience.

  • 10:50AM
    Timpeall na Tíre (OS)

    Timpeall na Tíre (OS)Series 15, Episode 49

    Timpeall na Tíre - Sraith 15 - 49

    Some of the stories from this week's regional news as seen on Nuacht TG4.

  • 11:20AM

    RawhideSeries 8, Episode 206

    Ride A Crooked Mile

    Jed convinces Rowdy against his better judgment to hire Danny Hawks who is riding an expensive stallion. Danny proves to be a capable drover but when Nat Benson wants Danny and the stallion handed over, Rowdy finds himself in a bind.

  • 12:20PM
    The Waltons (TS)

    The Waltons (TS)Series 5, Episode 17

    John's Crossroad

    John takes a job away from home to make more money. At the job, everyone in the office fears the manager who makes life miserable for all. John leaves because it is no way to live or work.

  • 1:15PM
    Abair Amhrán (OS)

    Abair Amhrán (OS)Series 2, Episode 11

    Abair Amhrán Gearr Sraith 2 - 11

    A look back at the songs we knew growing up, that our parents sang and that were handed down from generation to generation. Singers include Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin, Len Graham, Róisín White and Seán MacCraith.

  • 1:25PM
    An Aimsir Láithreach

    An Aimsir LáithreachSeries 21, Episode 330

    Aimsir 1 2017 - 330 Tx

    National and regional weather.

  • 1:30PM
    GAA Beo

    GAA BeoSeries 18, Episode 26

    GAA BEO 2017 - 2018 - 26

    Live coverage of Moorefield v St. Loman's from O'Moore Park in the Leinster Senior Club Football Championship Final. Presented by Miche�l � Domhnaill with commentary by Brian Tyers and Tom�s � Flatharta.

  • 3:40PM
    Cuimhní Órga Spóirt

    Cuimhní Órga SpóirtSeries 2, Episode 2

    Cuimhní Órga Spóirt - Iomáint

    Highlights from Clare v Cork in the 2013 All-Ireland Hurling Final Replay.

  • 4:00PM
    Laochra Gael (OS & TS)

    Laochra Gael (OS & TS)Series 11, Episode 2

    Anthony Tohill

    One of the greatest midfielders of his era, Anthony Tohill played with Derry from 1991 until 2003. A prolific scorer he won one All Ireland, two Ulster titles, four Leagues, four All Stars and captained and managed Ireland to success in the International Rules. Includes interviews with Peter Canavan, Tony Scullion and Jarlath Burns.

  • 4:30PM
    Daniel O Donnell - 30 Bliain ag Ceol (OS)

    Daniel O Donnell - 30 Bliain ag Ceol (OS)

    Ireland's most famous country singer, Daniel O'Donnell, takes to the stage of Derry's Millennium Forum to celebrate 30 years in the music industry. Over the past 30 years, Daniel has sold over 10 million albums and sold out venues in Ireland and around the globe. This one-off music performance will see Daniel take to the stage and perform hits he has become known for. Guest appearances include Mary Duff, Marc Roberts, Lisa McHugh and Michael English. Presented by country music fans Marc Roberts and Lynette Fay this is a one-off special for TG4.

  • 5:55PM
    Volvo Ocean Race

    Volvo Ocean RaceEpisode 2

    Volvo Ocean Race 2017/2018 - 2

    All the latest news, action and highlights from the 13th edition of the Volvo Ocean Race with a recap of the 1st Leg. We get to see the on-board strategy following the fleet as the race begins. Leg 1, the opening salvo - a sprint from the race's home in Alicante to Lisbon, Portugal. The first time the fleet meet one another in competition, an early indication of who's fast, and who isn't. The 2017-18 edition will take the teams 45,000 nautical miles around the world, across four oceans, touching six continents and 12 landmark Host Cities.

  • 6:27PM
    An Aimsir Láithreach

    An Aimsir LáithreachSeries 21, Episode 351

    Aimsir 2 2017 - 351 Tx

    National and regional weather.

  • 6:30PM
    Nuacht TG4

    Nuacht TG4Series 20, Episode 351

    NUACHT TG4 2017 - 351 : Tx Sunday 17/12/17

    The day's main news stories from a regional, national and international perspective.

  • 6:45PM
    Ollchlár Ros na Rún (OS & GS)

    Ollchlár Ros na Rún (OS & GS)Series 21, Episode 15

    Ollchlár Ros na Rún 22 - 15

    Tadhg continues to double book himself putting his and Maggie's agenda first ahead of Frances and Áine despite the festive season and Áine's Christmas wishes. A blackened shadow lies over Vanessa; her motherly instincts are to protect Fia without a second thought. Berni's house becomes a hide out for Vanessa, but how long can she run from the truth? Niall is in complete turmoil to justify himself. Pádraig on learning of Katy and Jason relationship difficulties comes to her aid when Jason fails to show up in Ros na Run.

  • 7:45PM
    Cúl Stáitse - Oireachtas 2017 (OS & TS)

    Cúl Stáitse - Oireachtas 2017 (OS & TS)Series 1, Episode 2

    Cúl Stáitse - Oireachtas 2017 - 2

    Two months before the festival opens in Killarney, we meet some of the various participants as they prepare and rehearse to take to the stage at Oireachtas na Samhna 2017. In this episode we delve deeper into the lives of the competitors of the Oireachtas as they hone their individual crafts. We meet parents, teachers, friends and other's who inspire and help the competitors prepare for the Oireachtas. We follow the competitors as they bring their work to a local audience as they finalise their preparation.

  • 8:15PM
    European Rugby Champions Cup

    European Rugby Champions CupSeries 4, Episode 9

    Rugbaí - Craobh na hEorpa 2017-2018 - 9 Babhta 4 - Leicester v Mumha

    Highlights of Leicester Tigers v Munster from Welford Road in the 4th round of the European Rugby Champions Cup.

  • 9:00PM
    An Lá a Rugadh Mé (OS & TS)

    An Lá a Rugadh Mé (OS & TS)Series 1, Episode 8

    An Lá a Rugadh Mé - 8 Ciaran Kilkenny

    A simple and entertaining series that combines nostalgia, national and International news and popular culture. In essence, each episode is a subjective social documentary which chronicles a guest presenter as they sift through the Irish newspapers, radio and television archive from the day they were born. We then follow that person as they embark on a personal journey investigating further three of the stories that catch their eye from the date of their birth. Footballer Ciarán Kilkenny uncovers three remarkable stories from the newspapers on the day he was born.

  • 9:30PM
    Hup (OS & TS)

    Hup (OS & TS)Series 1, Episode 7

    Hup 1 - 7 Abbeyfeale

    Hup is a traditional music series. This week we visit Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick where Fleadh by the Feale is in full swing. Breaking Trad perform some lively polkas and reels in Murphy's. Well known accordion player Derek Hickey gives a rare performance on the fiddle. Down by the river Deirdre Scanlan sings praise of her native West Limerick with the 'Banks of the Feale'. In Andy's butcher the discarded bones are put to use by local bones champion David Murphy, who plays a few tunes with his nephew John Forde on banjo.

  • 10:00PM
    Ceol ón Chlann (OS)

    Ceol ón Chlann (OS)Series 2, Episode 4

    Muintir Mhic Bhloscaigh

    A series that celebrates and explores the contribution of six famous Irish musical families who have brought their music to the four corners of the world. It offers an insight into the musical journey that each family has taken and the influence that previous generations have had on the rich heritage of each family.

  • 10:30PM
    The Green Linnet

    The Green LinnetSeries 1, Episode 5

    St Tropez

    The late Barney McKenna from The Dubliners and accordion player Tony McMahon reunite with Seamus Deasy, their cameraman to launch the series of six restored programmes. They recall their adventures during their travels and how music brought them together. This series was first shown on RTE in 1975. This week Tony McMahon and Barney McKenna pay a visit to the beaches of St. Tropez.

  • 11:00PM
    Ceol Hank Williams (OS)

    Ceol Hank Williams (OS)

    Hank Williams is considered to be one of the most popular American country music singer/songwriters of all time. His catalogue includes songs such as "Cold, Cold Heart", "Your Cheatin' Heart", "Hey, Good Lookin" and "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive". The Hank Williams music special will include Irish artists' versions of some of these classic tracks; Jack L - Your Cheatin' Heart, Mundy - Lost on the River and Lumiere - Cold Cold Heart.

  • 0:00AM
    An Aimsir Láithreach

    An Aimsir LáithreachSeries 21, Episode 351

    Aimsir 4 2017 - Tx

    National and International Forecast.

  • 0:05AM
    Saol Rúnda faoi Thalamh (OS & TS)

    Saol Rúnda faoi Thalamh (OS & TS)Series 1, Episode 2

    Hidden in the Depths

    Nature documentary. The second part of our exploration, leads us into the lower layers in the subsoil, up to a few kilometres underground. This world, which is mainly mineral, is not as sterile and deserted as we might think.

  • 1:10AM
    France 24

    France 24Series 9, Episode 351

    FRANCE 24 2017 - 351

    FRANCE 24 is France's 24 hour international news channel, characterized by respect for diversity and attention to political and cultural differences and identities. Presented live from Paris, the channel has 180 staff journalists and correspondents all over the world.