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Sunday February 25th

  • 5:30AM
    France 24

    France 24Series 10, Episode 56

    FRANCE 24 2018 - 56 Tx

    FRANCE 24 is France's 24 hour international news channel, characterized by respect for diversity and attention to political and cultural differences and identities. Presented live from Paris, the channel has 180 staff journalists and correspondents all over the world.

  • 7:00AM
    Cúla 4

    Cúla 4

    Cúla 4 kicks off at 7 a.m. each morning and 4 p.m. weekdays with episodes of Angelo Rules, Get Ace, Jungle Bunch, Camp Lakebottom, Dude that's my Ghost, Garfield and many more of your favourite characters.

  • 7:02AM
    Cat Cliste

    Cat ClisteSeries 1, Episode 66

    Flight of the Firefly

    The gang help a firefly make his way back to the forest and back to his love.

  • 7:15AM
    Is Ait an Mac é Mús

    Is Ait an Mac é MúsSeries 1, Episode 30


    Jack's out to catch the mole that's messing up Farmer McGrim's garden.

  • 7:22AM
    Camp Lakebottom

    Camp LakebottomSeries 1, Episode 10

    Breakout From Buttvault B

    Suzi gives Buttsquat a rare action figure that was meant for McGee.

  • 7:33AM
    Camp Lakebottom

    Camp LakebottomSeries 1, Episode 11


    The host of "Paranormal Confronter" comes to Camp Lakebottom and McGee vows to protect Lakebottom's supernatural secrets.

  • 7:45AM
    Angelo Rules (GS)

    Angelo Rules (GS)Series 3, Episode 36

    Remember Last Summer

    The skateboarder Ollie Van Dunk is coming but Angelo isn't invited.

  • 8:00AM
    Cúla 4 na nÓg

    Cúla 4 na nÓg

    Cúla4 na nÓg caters for our pre-school audience with shows starting at 7 a.m. each morning and another slot on weekdays at 3 p.m. The zone is bursting with some of the biggest shows - Wanda and the Alien, Masha and the Bear, QPootle, Olly the Little White Van, Dinosaur Train and many more.

  • 8:02AM
    Seo Linn Pocoyo

    Seo Linn PocoyoSeries 3, Episode 41

    Seo Linn Pocoyo - 41

    Pocoyo is pretending to be a traffic police officer. This is no easy task!

  • 8:08AM
    Seo Linn Pocoyo

    Seo Linn PocoyoSeries 3, Episode 42

    Seo Linn Pocoyo - 42

    Pato is settling down to watch television when his friends burst into his house.

  • 8:15AM
    Eolaíocht le Bert

    Eolaíocht le BertSeries 1, Episode 4

    Can Telephone

    Today Bert carries out an experiment all about can telephones.

  • 8:20AM
    Elmo Anseo

    Elmo AnseoSeries 1, Episode 20


    Elmo explores and discovers more about birthdays with his new friend, Smartie.

  • 8:25AM
    Scéalta le Masha

    Scéalta le MashaSeries 3, Episode 6

    The Wolf and the Fox

    Masha tells the story of the cunning Fox and the advice she gives the poor Wolf!

  • 8:30AM
    Bia Linn (TS)

    Bia Linn (TS)Series 2, Episode 7


    It's Bia Linn! The colourful kids cookery show with a mixed bag of ingredients! Muireann is cooking up a storm in the kitchen with the help of some really cool kids. Today they are using cheese! Coco is on a foodie road trip around the country, today he is researching where cheese comes from! Did you know that the story of cheese starts in a field?

  • 8:44AM
    Woozle & Pip

    Woozle & PipSeries 1, Episode 7

    Neighbour Pip

    Woozle is jealous when Pip decides that she would like to be a cat!

  • 8:49AM

    ZouSeries 2, Episode 31

    Zou's Vegetable Patch

    Grandpa's vegetable patch has a visitor and Zou has to help him find a new home.

  • 9:00AM
    Zack & Quack

    Zack & QuackSeries 2, Episode 8

    Pop up Swap

    As Zack & Quack prepare for their holidays, an unexpected incident happens when the pirates come along!

  • 9:11AM

    LoopdidooSeries 5, Episode 14

    Loopdidoo's Mission

    Petunia is sick with a cold. Loopdidoo has to pick up her homework from Basil.

  • 9:18AM
    Maya an Bheachín

    Maya an BheachínSeries 1, Episode 42

    Queen of Solar Eclipse

    Maya organises an exhibition to show the bees the eclipse.

  • 9:30AM

    WissperSeries 1, Episode 14

    Tiger Teeth Trouble

    A distraught Stripes the tiger bursts in on Wissper - her teeth have turned purple. Wissper summons the toothiest creature she knows -Kev the crocodile.

  • 9:37AM
    Cat a' Hata (GS)

    Cat a' Hata (GS)Series 1, Episode 27

    The Lost Egg

    The kids are decorating the tree house for a party. The Cat knows the world's most fantabulous decorator!

  • 9:50AM
    Alvinnn !!! & the Chipmunks

    Alvinnn !!! & the ChipmunksSeries 2, Episode 9

    Lights Camera Uh Oh

    Jeanette wants to shoot an existential student film for a contest with Dave as the lead.

  • 10:05AM
    Ainmhithe Craiceáilte (OS & TS)

    Ainmhithe Craiceáilte (OS & TS)Series 1, Episode 53

    Muttholland Drive

    Today we have a weightlifting parrot, a dancing camel plus a lab that gets chased by some balloons.

  • 10:35AM
    Timpeall na Tíre (OS)

    Timpeall na Tíre (OS)Series 16, Episode 7

    Timpeall na Tíre - Sraith 16 - 7

    Some of the stories from this week's regional news as seen on Nuacht TG4.

  • 11:05AM

    RawhideSeries 8, Episode 213

    The Pursuit

    After he is shot at, Jud returns to camp to find a US Marshal wants him for murder but he was cleared.

  • 12:05PM
    The Waltons (TS)

    The Waltons (TS)Series 6, Episode 1

    The Waltons 6 - 1 The Hawk

    A hawk is attacking the Waltons' chickens. Grandpa and Jim-Bob try to catch it. Also, a new minister joins the community.

  • 12:55PM
    Ar Chúl an Chuirtín (OS & TS)

    Ar Chúl an Chuirtín (OS & TS)Series 1, Episode 1

    Ar Chúl Stáitse 1 - 1

    In this four part series we follow drama enthusiasts from all over the country and the drama isn't limited to the stage! The dramatic art gives us an insight into human nature and in this series, we meet the participants in their homes, their workplaces and their social lives. We meet actors in Gaoth Dobhair, Dublin and at University College Cork. There are talented actors in Gaoth Dobhair but will they have a theatre in time? The Cork students are holding auditions - will enough people show up to put on a play? We see Aisteoirí Thamhlachta take to the stage.

  • 1:25PM
    An Aimsir Láithreach

    An Aimsir LáithreachSeries 21, Episode 47

    Aimsir 1 2018 - 47 Tx

    National and regional weather.

  • 1:30PM
    GAA Beo: Sraith Allianz

    GAA Beo: Sraith AllianzSeries 18, Episode 53

    GAA BEO 2017 - 2018 - 52 Beo Allianz

    Live and deferred coverage of three matches from the 4th round of the Allianz Football and Hurling Leagues. Presented by Miche�l � Domhnaill with commentary by Brian Tyers.

  • 7:12PM
    An Aimsir Láithreach

    An Aimsir LáithreachSeries 22, Episode 56

    Aimsir 2 2018 - 56 Tx 25/02/18

    National and regional weather.

  • 7:15PM
    Nuacht TG4

    Nuacht TG4Series 21, Episode 56

    NUACHT TG4 2018 -56 Tx Sunday 25/02/18

    The day's main news stories from a regional, national and international perspective.

  • 7:30PM
    Ollchlár Ros na Rún (OS & GS)

    Ollchlár Ros na Rún (OS & GS)Series 21, Episode 25

    Ollchlár Ros na Rún 22 - 25

    Tadhg's living arrangements continue to be the gossip of Ros na Rún as tongues wag about his relationship with Maggie. Pádraig grows increasingly frustrated with the lack of contact from Sonia and Sam. Admittance to hospital has arrived for Mo who's determined to deal with her cancer on her own terms. Áine show's Tadhg her support for her mother as they take up home in Máire's B & B. Maggie's heating system breaks down in the cottage and Tadhg makes her a proposition while contracting John Joe to do a revamp on her cottage. Mo returns home and is showered with attention from Colm and Úna.

  • 8:30PM
    Beidh Mé Ar Ais! (OS & TS)

    Beidh Mé Ar Ais! (OS & TS)Series 1, Episode 2

    Beidh Mé Ar Ais! 1 -2

    Brand new tourism series investigating hidden gems that you need to visit! Presented by Sinéad Ní Uallacháin, presenter on Raidió na Gaeltachta, and Osgur Ó Ciardha, manager of the award winning Generator Hostel in Dublin. Sinéad and Osgur will travel the country to uncover new tourist attractions and offer advice on how they can improve the visitor experience. This week Osgur heads out to the historical Scattery Island in Clare and tries his hand at sheep herding in Wicklow. Sinéad checks out a World War 1 trench in Cavan and travels north to Winterfell.

  • 9:30PM
    Cúl an Tí (OS & TS)

    Cúl an Tí (OS & TS)Series 1, Episode 3

    Cúl an Tí 1 - 3

    Presenter Pól Ó Ceannabháin travels to schools around Ireland as students reenergize some of our most iconic songs and poems. Each week we'll be animating two well know Irish songs or poems with the help of the award winning animation studio, Cartoon Saloon and the Irish music band KILA. Pól visits the students of St. Brendan's Community School in Birr who are learning the song 'An Spailpín Fánach' with the help of past pupil and musician Mundy. Pól visits the students of Coláiste Ráithín in Bray, Co. Wicklow as they reimagine the song 'An Raibh Tú ar an gCarraig' sung by Liam Ó Maonlaí.

  • 10:00PM
    Hup (OS & TS)

    Hup (OS & TS)Series 1, Episode 11


    Hup is a traditional music series. This week we visit Tubbercurry where the South Sligo Summer School is in full swing. Brothers Colm and Séamus O'Donnell lilt a few tunes in an old barn, while in Brennan's local, flute player Damien Stenson enjoys a tune with Sligo musicians Declan Folan and Shane McGowan. Veteran Sligo musician James Murray performs on both flute and fiddle in his workshop, while Sligo greats Dáithí Gormley and Theresa O'Grady perform a duet on accordion and banjo in a fire station, while veteran flautist Harry McGowan leads a session across town.

  • 10:30PM
    Ceol ón Chlann (OS)

    Ceol ón Chlann (OS)Series 2, Episode 5

    Muintir Uí Bheaglaoich

    Series that celebrates and explores the contribution of six famous Irish musical families who have brought their music to the four corners of the world. The Begley's are steeped in the traditional music and culture of the West Kerry Gaeltacht. A family of nine brothers and sisters, musicians and singers from the Dingle peninsula. Their father was a singer and played melodeon and their mother was also a singer. Situated in Ballynabuck their household was known for its house parties and emigrant wakes in the 1950s.

  • 11:00PM
    Fiche Bliain le Bréag (OS)

    Fiche Bliain le Bréag (OS)

    Celebrating their 20th year, this documentary tells the story of Belfast's Reggae group Bréag, who emerged from the Urban Shaw's Road Gaeltacht in the nineties. Bréag meet old friends Natty Wailer (The Wailers) and Rónán Mac Aodh Bhuí (RTÉ) on their celebratory tour 'Fiche Bliain le Bréag'.

  • 11:30PM
    An Aimsir Láithreach

    An Aimsir LáithreachSeries 22, Episode 56

    Aimsir 4 2018 - Tx

    National and International Forecast.

  • 11:35PM
    Crisis Eile (OS & TS)

    Crisis Eile (OS & TS)Series 2, Episode 3


    Commissioner Maeve Kelly Clarke is hosting a dinner for EU President Van De Veld. The Commissioner is going to prove that the Irish contingent in Brussels is a stable, austere, well-oiled machine. But Maeve's notably austere daughter pays a surprise visit, while a less than stable UKIP representative picks Maeve's meal to introduce one of his country's pork delicacies. Maeve is in danger of poisoning relations with the EU President before dessert is even served.

  • 0:05AM
    Islands of the Future (OS & TS)

    Islands of the Future (OS & TS)Series 1, Episode 5


    An intriguing documentary series on how the islands off the coast of Spain, Scotland and other European countries are creating their own solutions to the world's energy crisis. Samsoe in the Baltic Sea is the energy paragon among Europe's islands. At the end of the 1990s the 4,000 inhabitants had already decided to take the matter of energy supplies into their own hands. They have progressively tapped all the clean energy sources the island has to offer.

  • 1:10AM
    France 24

    France 24Series 10, Episode 56

    FRANCE 24 2018 - 56 Tx

    FRANCE 24 is France's 24 hour international news channel, characterized by respect for diversity and attention to political and cultural differences and identities. Presented live from Paris, the channel has 180 staff journalists and correspondents all over the world.