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Parental Rating: 15A

The band is blown apart as Sully has departed Dobhar to heaven knows where, but the other four are content to spare Aodh from his father's wrath by agreeing to take part in the Eoghan De Barra centena

First Shown: 3 Jan

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Name: Aodh

Age: 15

Poor old Aodh, he hasn’t had much of a teenage life to speak of. He was home-schooled for a start, and when he wasn’t being taught his bearded and bellowing father Aengus’ unique perspective of history, he was travelling with the family trad band, Gaotha ar Fán, as the cute little baby on the flute. But now he’s breaking out and rebelling. But don’t be fooled by his innocence, he’s a dark horse. When the gang needs cash to fund their videos Aodh comes up with the goods. Aodh’s father is the chair of the centenary celebrations and is sitting on a considerable fund of money. So Aodh tells him that they’ve written a musical celebrating the life of Eoghan de Barra. Which is fine. Until it comes to delivering. Little does Aodh know just how much his world and mind are going to be blown apart by wandering naively along on this epic quest. The runt of the litter, everyone – especially Oisín – takes him under their wing and is keen to introduce him to the heady world of 2016 and all the intoxicants that that entails. But careful you don’t get too close to the edge, Aodh…

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