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Parental Rating: 15A

The band is blown apart as Sully has departed Dobhar to heaven knows where, but the other four are content to spare Aodh from his father's wrath by agreeing to take part in the Eoghan De Barra centena

First Shown: 3 Jan

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Name: Sully

Age: 17

Sully’s mum died when he was four and he’s been drowning in a sea of testoserone ever since. Being raised by his wayward brothers, his childhood was an odd mix of Lord of the Flies and HBO’s Oz. A sensitive soul with a fast temper, it was taken for granted that he’d follow in the footsteps of his famously wayward brothers – so when Art Mac Fhearraigh’s car is taken apart, the town’s convinced that Sully must have had something to do with it. Done with the grim prejudices of town – and with the grief his older brothers raining down on the runt – he wants out of Dobhar. So when his mysterious online friend Rebelsound – who he’s been chatting to online for the last two years – sends him a link to SLUASAID’s music video competition, he sees an escape from the grim begrudgery of his home town.

Episode 1 Music Playlist – Sully

Playlist: EIPIC SULLY 1.1 (Episode 1)

1.    Pixies – Caribou
2.    Alt J – Dissolve Me
3.    Goldfish – We Come Together
4.    Bonzai – KGB
5.    The Chemical Brothers – Go
6.    The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face
7.    1916 Sean Ó Riada – Mise Éire
8.    Lil’ Kim – Kittybox
9.    Mary O’Hara – Songs of Ireland
10.  Death in Vegas – Death Threat
11.   Brian Eno – Drift
12.   Santigold – Disparate Youth

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