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Éire Fhiáin


A wildlife journey along one of the most spectacular
coastlines in the world featuring the elusive
creatures and wild places that make it so special.


An Cósta Thiar 1-2

Parental Rating: G

Eoin explores the sheltered Conamara Islands before heading north for Mayo to encounter some of our hardiest long distance travellers - the whooper swans who arrive out of the north every autumn.

First Shown: 27 Mar

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A two hour special on Ireland’s most striking wild environment – the 1,600km of rock and ocean that make up our island’s Atlantic edge. Featuring enchanting wildlife set against stunning land and seascapes under the moodiest skies in Europe, this series is a compelling portrait of the wild creatures that inhabit a coastline that was for millennia the very edge of the known world. Presented by Eoin Warner and produced by the team behind some of the most internationally celebrated nature films of recent years, Éire Fhiáin – An Cósta Thiar uses the very latest camera techniques – night time, macro and slow motion to marry remarkable images with rock solid storytelling and create two truly memorable hours of film about the hidden creatures and secret corners of Ireland’s Atlantic realm.

Produced by Crossing the Line Productions

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