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Léirmheas Leabhar


Róisín Ní Ghairbhí presents this new literary review show,
featuring newly published books in the Irish language.


Léirmheas Leabhar 1-4

Parental Rating: G

This week includes a review on the translated version of the best-selling fantasy novel 'Game of Thrones', or 'Cluiche na Corónach' translated to Irish by Oisín Ó Muirthile.

First Shown: 26 Apr

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A new literary and book review show, ‘Léirmheas Leabhar’ sponsored by Foras na Gaeilge and presented by Dr. Róisín Ní Ghairbhí.  This new series which will broadcast once a month, will place emphasis on newly published works and reviews on all genres for young and old readers.  Róisín will be joined by a panel of reviewers on each show.  Róisín will also share information about upcoming literary festivals and book festivals.


Programme 5 – 01.06.17 @ 7.30pm

On this month’s programme, there will be a review of newly published author Colm Ó Ceallacháin’s shortstories ‘I dTír Mhilis na mBeo’. There will be a review of two poetry collections, ‘Taistí Tosta’ by Seosamh Ó Murchú, that recently won the Michael Hartnett Poetry award, and ‘Leabhar na nAistear’ which deals with emigration written by Micheál Ó hAodha.
Our young readers, will review ‘Foghlaí Mara Monte Carlo’ by Orna Ní Choileáin, and a new version of ‘Cinnín Óir agus na Trí Bhéar’ by Áine Ní Ghlinn.

 The Authors

Colm Ó Ceallacháin

Colm Ó Ceallacháin has published stories in Comhar, Feasta, Southword and gorse. He has won awards in Oireachtas literary competitions. The Arts Council awarded him a bursary in 2013 in Litríocht na Gaeilge. He lives in Cork, where he works with young people. I dtír mhilis na mbeo (Cois Life, 2017) is his first collection of short stories.
I dtír mhilis na mbeo
A new literary voice in Irish, this is Colm Ó Ceallacháin’s first collection of short stories.
Here we meet young and old, struggling with the tribulations of life. All is not as it seems. Is that the Pope we see waiting for two boys during his papal tour of Ireland in 1979? Could those seaside visitors be aliens from another planet?
The characters in this collection are growing up and coming of age, but they are slipping into oblivion too, through the forgetful fog of old age and delirium. We are continually being spirited from this life, but in one story it is the letter ‘i’ itself which is kidnapped, only to return with a vengeance.
Hard though it is at times, we must all carry on to the bitter end, in the sweet land of the living.

Seosamh Ó Murchú

Seosamh Ó Murchú was born in Wexford. He is a former editor of the literary magazine Comhar and he was co-founder and co-editor of the literary magazine Oghma 1989 to 1998. He is the Senior Editor with An Gúm since 1986. Coiscéim published his first poetry collection Taisí Tosta in 2015.
Taisí Tosta
Ó Murchú’s poetry is characterised by a gift for expression which is revealed through subtle wordplay and a deep understanding of the subtle shades of meaning and polysemous nature of his word choices. These careful choices result in an intricate chorus of themes in his poems each of which works in harmony with the other.

Mícheál Ó hAodha

Mícheál Ó hAodha is a Galway poet. He has published several history books in Irish and English, especially with regard to the Travelling Community, the Roma community, the Irish working-class and the Irish who had to emigrate.
Leabhar na nAistear
Thoughtful poems that examine the experience of the Irish people who took the emigrant ship, particularly to England, in years gone by and their relationship with the home-country as they put down roots in their new home. Themes of memory and silence are examined with sensitivity and a distinctive voice.

Orna Ní Choileáin

Orna Ní Choileáin’s family come from west Cork. Her work has earned several awards in poetry, drama and short fiction from Oireachtas na Gaeilge and at other Irish-language festivals. She writes in English also and won the national An Post prize for writing. She has published several books for children, notably the Ailfí an Vaimpír series and two collections of short stories for a general audience Canary Wharf (2009) and Sciorrann an tAm (2014) which was shortlisted for the prestigious Gradam Uí Shúilleabháin award.
Foghlaí Mara Monté Carlo
Feisty teenager Zoé abandons the high life in Monte Carlo for the high seas, captaining her father’s yacht, to bring her grey parrot to his native Africa. A stowaway won’t scupper her plans… but her nosy neighbour might.

Áine Ní Ghlinn

Áine Ní Ghlinn is a lecturer, journalist and author. She has written twenty-two books – four collections of poetry and eighteen books for children and young people. Her work has earned her many awards including the prestigious Gradam Réics Carlo Book of the Year Award on two occasions, for Daideó in 2014 and Hata Zú Mhamó in 2016.
Cinnín Óir agus na Trí Bhéar
‘Tá ocras orm,’ arsa Cinnín Óir. ‘Ach ní maith liom an leite atá sa bhabhla mór.’
A beautiful retelling of the famous fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. There is a video of the story as read by the actor Bríd Ní Neachtain available on AnGum.ie

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