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Series that examines six tragic murders
and the legacy they have left behind.


Parental Rating: 16

Stephen died on the side of a road in Killarney less than 300 metres from his home from a single stab wound. He was 17. His mother, Lotte, talks to us about her son and the serious issue of knife crim

First Shown: 21 Jun

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A new season of the factual series that examines six tragic murders and the legacy they have left behind. Each episode features a murder in the past and looks at the motivation behind it and the emotional impact on those connected to the deceased.

Opening the series is a programme featuring a killing in Ros Muc, Conamara in 1928. Local farmer Sonny Walsh was found dead, face down in a stream. An inquest returned a verdict of accidental death, but locals suspected Sonny’s new wife Annie might have had a hand to play in what they believed was murder.

Ontario, 1843. Ulster servant girl Grace Marks aged 16 is captured while on the run and returned to Ontario where she faced the death penalty for a brutal double murder of a landowner and his pregnant housekeeper.

Eastbourne, 1957. Antrim born Doctor Adams went on trial for murder, after the suspicious death of a patient. This was not the first time locals had suspected the doctor was up to no good, his mention in many of his patients wills had started rumours and gossip about his intentions towards his patients.

Rome, 1926. Dublin born Violet Gibson attempted to assassinate the Italian Prime Minister, Benito Mussolini. Was this religious fanaticism, a political crime or was Violet simply insane?

Limerick, 1946. Two members of Ireland’s Gardaí are on armed patrol at the site of a local land dispute. They have spent 9 months on continuous night duty but this particular night only one of them will survive. And the survivor will face a murder trial for the death of his colleague.

Dublin 1936. Edward Ball a 19 year old man has just moved back into his mother’s Dublin home. 5 days later she goes missing. Her bloodied car is found in a rural country lane, but there’s no sign of her. Edward’s story shocks local police.

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