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Scannal is a series that looks back
at more of the scandals that shocked,
outraged, amused and incited the nation.


To Kill or Not To Kill? 5-4

Parental Rating: PG

Padraig Nally and John "Frog" Ward became household names when in 2004 one man shot the other dead. The subsequent Garda Investigation and prosecution and the two trials that followed put the details

First Shown: 14 Jun

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Wood Quay – 21.06.17

In September 1978 up to 20,000 people marched in Dublin to protest against the building of Civic Offices at Wood Quay and what they saw as the destruction of their Viking heritage. This was the climax of an epic struggle that was fought on many fronts – on the streets and in the media, in the Courts and Council Chamber, and even on the site of Wood Quay itself.

Parnell: When Charlie met Kitty – 28.06.17

Charles Stewart Parnell was the “Uncrowned King of Ireland”, a man at the height of his personal and political powers when the story of his affair with a married woman hit the headlines. The public were shocked to learn that he was living with Katherine O’Shea, the wife of Captain William O’Shea, and that he had already fathered three children by her. The story of Parnell and Katherine O’Shea is a story of intense love, of clandestine meetings, of jealousy and hatred, and the beginnings of that great Irish curse, “The Political Split”. Above all else, it is a story of great hypocrisy.

Fás – 05.07.17

In November 2008, an article by Shane Ross and Nick Webb published in the Sunday Independent, lifted the lid on the lavish expenses regime that existed among certain members of the State training & employment authority – FÁS. There were details of taxpayers’ money being squandered on top hotels, fine dining, golf outings, beauty treatments, pay-per-view movies and even business-class travel for spouses. Their exposé was to rock the Irish political world and caused the public to react with absolute fury.

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