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Scannal is a series that looks back
at more of the scandals that shocked,
outraged, amused and incited the nation.

Bad Blood – 24.05.17

On the 21st February 1994 the Blood Service Transfusion Board convened a press conference at their Dublin headquarters. Most journalists had never been inside Pelican House before and had no idea what to expect. The Board announced that some women had been infected with Hepatitis C by contaminated blood products manufactured by the Board itself. They assured the public that the number of women likely to have been affected was small and they mentioned some possible health effects of Hepatitis C such as jaundice. Bad Blood – tells a story of shocking failures, wrongful acts and even negligence on the part of the organisation charged with protecting the nation’s lifeblood. Those responsible have never been convicted or held accountable, while the victims suffer a life sentence of illness, or even death.

Wood Quay- 31.05.17

In September 1978 up to 20,000 people marched in Dublin to protest against the building of Civic Offices at Wood Quay and what they saw as the destruction of their Viking heritage. This was the climax of an epic struggle that was fought on many fronts – on the streets and in the media, in the Courts and Council Chamber, and even on the site of Wood Quay itself.

Lying Eyes – 07.06.17

In the summer of 2008 a jury at a high profile and bizarre trial held at the Central Criminal Court painstakingly listened for over seven weeks to evidence that read like the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster: A younger woman plotting to kill her wealthly partner and his two sons, a Las Vegas poker dealer turned hitman, FBI investigations, digital trails of evidence and the most deadly poison known to man. This SCANNAL tells the sensational story of Sharon Collins, a petite blonde 44 year old woman from Co. Clare accused of hiring a hitman on the internet to kill her wealthy partner PJ Howard and his two sons. Using the email psydonym lyingeyes, Collins made contact with Tony Luciano — aka Essam Eid on which purported to kill for a fee. Little did Sharon Collins know, that Eid was actually an Egyptian born Las Vegas poker dealer who had set up the website more with money rather than murder on his mind.

To kill or not to kill? – 14.06.17

Padraig Nally and John “Frog” Ward became household names when in 2004 one man shot the other dead. The subsequent Garda Investigation and prosecution and the two trials that followed put the details of the case on the front pages and provoked a bitterly divided reaction amoung the public, not least when Nally, a bachelor farmer, was finally acquitted of the manslaughter of John Frog Ward a traveller, father of 11 with a string of previous criminal convictions. This week Scannal recalls the case that divided the community whether rural or urban, traveller or settled.

Shanahan’s Stamps 21.06.17

Once upon a time there was a spectacularly successful Irish business and financial empire led by a charismatic guru that collapsed in scandal, leading to years of court hearings and leaving thousands of ordinary Irish people to pay the consequences. While this may sound like a news story from recent years, it describes perfectly the Shanahan’s Stamps scandal in 1950s Ireland. The story, which will stir memories for older viewers, starts in 1954. Paul Singer, whose Jewish family fled Central Europe in the 1930s, had just left London for Ireland leaving a failed family financial business behind him. He persuaded a well-established auctioneering family, Shanahans in Dún Laoghaire, to set up in business with him, and Shanahan’s Stamp Auctions was born.

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