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Jeff Probst welcomes the eighteen strangers
cruising through the waters of Kaôh Rong.


Survivor - Kaoh Rong 32-3

Parental Rating: G

One castaway learns of a new power available once multiple hidden immunity idols are in the possession of a single person. As one tribe heads to Tribal Council, voting off the biggest threat is in the

First Shown: 20 Sep

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Survivor – Kaoh Rong

This is the 32nd season of the American competitive reality television series. As the game begins, Jeff Probst, the host, welcomes the eighteen strangers cruising through the waters of Kaôh Rong in Southeast Asia. The area is beautiful, but can be punishing with high temperatures and humidity. This will prove to be the most gruelling 39 days in Survivor history. The Eighteen castaways arrive on the island of Kaôh Rong in Cambodia and are divided into three tribes according to brains, brawn and beauty. It is known as “The most punishing season of Survivor”, due to the record breaking number of medical evacuations.

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