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Friday April 28th

  • 5:30AM
    France 24

    France 24Series 9, Episode 117

    FRANCE 24 2017 - 117

    FRANCE 24 is France's 24 hour international news channel, characterized by respect for diversity and attention to political and cultural differences and identities. Presented live from Paris, the channel has 180 staff journalists and correspondents all over the world.

  • 7:00AM
    Cúla 4 na nÓg

    Cúla 4 na nÓg

    Enjoy all the cool cartoons ahead with Cúla 4 na nÓg.

  • 7:02AM
    Garfield (GS)

    Garfield (GS)Series 4, Episode 34

    Delicious Donut Day

    On his birthday, all Jon wants is a box of doughnuts... when a box full of scrumptious doughnuts arrive at the house for him he is over the moon!

  • 7:15AM
    Cat Cliste

    Cat ClisteSeries 1, Episode 37

    The Great Grasshopper Race

    Hal's grasshopper buddy Dustin Hopman will be competing today in the Great Grasshopper race.

  • 7:27AM
    Is Ait an Mac é Mús

    Is Ait an Mac é MúsSeries 1, Episode 44

    Hot Air Balloon

    Jack's guarding Uncle Schnitzler's hot air balloon while he takes tea with the Duchess.

  • 7:35AM
    Olly an Veain Bheag Bhán

    Olly an Veain Bheag BhánSeries 2, Episode 7

    Olly the Bridge Builder

    The bridge leading into Bumpton is damaged and can't be crossed meaning that Max and Tom can't make their deliveries into town.

  • 7:40AM
    Olly an Veain Bheag Bhán

    Olly an Veain Bheag BhánSeries 2, Episode 8

    Olly at Sea

    Olly, Stan and Bazza go on a boat trip with their new friend Captain Barnacle.

  • 7:45AM
    Dinosaur Train (GS)

    Dinosaur Train (GS)Series 3, Episode 2


    Buddy and Tiny show first-time passenger Elliot around the train, and meet up with Laura Giganotosaurus.

  • 8:00AM
    Dora (GS)

    Dora (GS)Series 8, Episode 1

    Dora's Super Soccer Showdown

    Dora heads to Brazil to play in a huge soccer tournament.

  • 8:23AM
    Woozle & Pip

    Woozle & PipSeries 1, Episode 19

    Small & Stronger

    Our friends learn that you don't have to be big to be strong. "Many hands make light work", as the ants say.

  • 8:29AM
    Woozle & Pip

    Woozle & PipSeries 1, Episode 20

    Party Time in The Magic Garden

    Woozle wants to know what everyone is being secretive about.

  • 8:34AM
    Masha agus an Béar

    Masha agus an BéarSeries 2, Episode 18

    Once in a Year

    Masha decides to prepare for her birthday so none of the animals will have a chance to forget about her party and her list of presents.

  • 8:43AM

    MoukSeries 2, Episode 16

    Metorite Hunters

    Mouk and Chavapa are in the Atacama Desert in Chile when they see a massive meteorite in the sky. And Chavapa thinks he seen an alien!

  • 8:54AM

    WussywatSeries 1, Episode 35


    Wussywat borrows her friends' new things but ends up ruining them. When she discovers they are made from folder paper, she has an idea.

  • 8:59AM

    WussywatSeries 1, Episode 36


    Wussywat tries to record Ird singing with a recorder.

  • 9:05AM
    Tickety Toc

    Tickety TocSeries 2, Episode 7

    Ball Time

    Everyone plays amazing ball tricks for Ball Time but Tommy and Tallulah's ball has popped and they must fix it. Will they fix it in time for Chime Time?

  • 9:16AM
    Messy, Seo Linn go Okido

    Messy, Seo Linn go OkidoSeries 1, Episode 3

    Okido in Bloom

    Messy watches his sandcastle get washed away by the pouring rain. Why does it have to rain? He goes to find out why.

  • 9:27AM
    Maya an Bheachín

    Maya an BheachínSeries 1, Episode 4

    Willy's Bottle

    Maya and Willy discover an abandoned soda bottle. As Willy enters the bottle to taste the tasty and sweet liquid, the bottle rolls down a slope.

  • 9:40AM

    PocoyoSeries 1, Episode 7

    Pocoyo - 7 Bronntanas do Elly/A Present for Elly

    It's Elly's birthday and Pocoyo wants to try and make a very special birthday present.

  • 9:47AM

    PocoyoSeries 1, Episode 8

    Pocoyo - 8 Ag Damhsa/Pocoyo Dance

    Pocoyo finds a radio and discovers that everyone has their own way of dancing.

  • 10:00AM

    RawhideSeries 4, Episode 102

    The Deserter's Patrol

    Warned not to cross Pawnee lands, Favor and Nolan ride to a nearby fort for details.

  • 11:00AM
    Anne of Green Gables  The Continuing Story

    Anne of Green Gables The Continuing StorySeries 3, Episode 2

    Anne of Green Gables 3 The Continuing Story - 2

    Experience the enchanting third instalment of the Anne of Green Gables series, set at the dawning of the First World War. Gilbert Blythe joins the army as a medical officer, and is soon listed as missing in action. The indomitable Anne sets off to the battlefields of Europe in search of her husband, and helps a young French woman and her son who are in the line of danger along the way

  • 11:55AM
    The Cook & The Chef (TS)

    The Cook & The Chef (TS)Series 4, Episode 27

    The Barossa

    In this episode Maggie and Simon pay homage to the regional food culture of the Barossa Valley. Maggie's 36 years in the valley has given her a love for simple, seasonal food and a pride in the unique foods of the region which to this day echo the first Prussian settlers who made the valley their home.

  • 12:30PM
    Ros na Rún (OS & GS)

    Ros na Rún (OS & GS)Series 21, Episode 68

    Ros na Rún 21 - 68

    It's baby Jay's christening day, and it's nothing short of drama! Worse still, Frances and Tadhg learn of Áine's resentment towards the baby after her very public outburst. Pádraig can't seem to figure out why Adam is so hostile towards him, until the penny finally drops! Colm can't help but feel jealous when he sees Mo with Tony. He decides to lay his feelings bare and make a play for her, but Mo scoffs that he's nothing but a player.

  • 1:00PM
    An Aimsir Láithreach

    An Aimsir LáithreachSeries 21, Episode 117

    Aimsir 1 2017 - 117 Tx

    National and regional weather.

  • 1:05PM
    The Waltons (TS)

    The Waltons (TS)Series 7, Episode 4

    The Moonshiner

    Jason takes responsibility for cousin Boone when he gets in trouble with the law, and Daisy comes back for a visit.

  • 2:05PM
    Weakest Link (TS)

    Weakest Link (TS)Series 8, Episode 12

    Weakest Link 8 - Set 5 - 12

    Nine contestants try to answer questions as a team. The worst player is voted off the team at the end of each round, until only one contestant is left who gets all the money. Presented by Anne Robinson.

  • 3:00PM
    Cúla 4 na nÓg

    Cúla 4 na nÓg

    Enjoy all the cool cartoons ahead with Cúla 4 na nÓg.

  • 3:02PM
    Bia Linn (TS)

    Bia Linn (TS)Series 2, Episode 17


    It's Bia Linn! The colourful kids cookery show with a mixed bag of ingredients! Muireann is cooking up a storm in the kitchen with the help of some really cool kids. Today's programme is all about Potatoes! You can make chips, crisps and lots of things from potatoes! There's a healthy serving of songs and craic too. Muireann finds all the recipes in Mamó's Cook Book, but you can find them online at www.bialinn.ie. Meanwhile Coco reveals that potatoes can grow in Space!

  • 3:16PM
    Peg & Cat

    Peg & CatSeries 1, Episode 16

    The Beethoven Problem

    Peg and Cat help Beethoven today when he has problems composing new music.

  • 3:28PM
    Ridire Rusty

    Ridire RustySeries 1, Episode 3

    TV Cook-Off Live

    Rusty enters Bo in a competition on a cooking programme, but Bo's not a good cook and she hates being on television.

  • 3:41PM
    An Captaen Flinn agus na Foghlaithe Dineasár

    An Captaen Flinn agus na Foghlaithe DineasárSeries 1, Episode 23

    Moby Clam

    Captain Flinn and the crew embark on a quest to find the great white beast of the sea-Moby Clam!

  • 3:53PM
    Scéal an Lae

    Scéal an LaeSeries 3, Episode 6

    Mise agus an Dragúin

    Stories for children read by actors, writers and publishers.

  • 4:00PM
    Cúla 4

    Cúla 4Series 20, Episode 147

    Cúla 4 Nasc 1 2016 - 147Tx

    Join Micheál Ó Ciaraidh in the Cúla4 studio each day, Monday-Friday as he brings us the best in entertainment. This season brings new series' such as Harvey Beaks, Camp Lakebottom, Inspector Gadget, Is Eolaí Mé as well as new episodes of Spongebob and Breadwinners.

  • 4:02PM
    Angelo Rules (GS)

    Angelo Rules (GS)Series 3, Episode 35

    Go Green

    Angelo creates a large sculpture out of parts from Mom and Dad's car.

  • 4:13PM
    Angelo Rules (GS)

    Angelo Rules (GS)Series 3, Episode 36

    Remember Last Summer

    The skateboarder Ollie Van Dunk is coming but Angelo isn't invited.

  • 4:25PM
    Harvey Beaks (GS)

    Harvey Beaks (GS)Series 1, Episode 18

    Junior Squealers /The Storm

    Harvey thinks Fee and Foo should live with him in order to be safe, but they are happier living in the forest.

  • 4:48PM
    Camp Lakebottom

    Camp LakebottomSeries 1, Episode 40

    The Great Tiki Hunt

    McGee and his friends find an old Tiki idol.

  • 4:59PM

    BreadwinnersSeries 2, Episode 26

    A Bad Zituation

    SwaySway has a spot on his face.

  • 5:10PM
    Spongebob Squarepants (GS)

    Spongebob Squarepants (GS)Series 9, Episode 2

    Squirrel Record

    Sandy is determined to break a record number of world records, in record time.

  • 5:25PM
    WAC (OS)

    WAC (OS)Series 1, Episode 3


    Get ready with those sick bags as Tommy, Éadaoin and Caoimhe don the safety gloves to grapple with the most disgusting creatures on our planet. It's going to get messy and very, very stinky!

  • 5:55PM
    Wipeout Australia

    Wipeout AustraliaSeries 1, Episode 8

    Wipeout Australia - 8

    An action-packed family entertainment show that sees contestants from all walks of life compete in the world's largest extreme obstacle course designed to provide the most spills, face plants and wipeouts ever seen on television.

  • 6:43PM
    Abair Amhrán (OS)

    Abair Amhrán (OS)Series 1, Episode 10

    Abair Amhrán Gearr Sraith 1 - 10

    Series which celebrates and takes a fresh look at the songs of our schooldays. Filmed on location all over Ireland.

  • 6:57PM
    An Aimsir Láithreach

    An Aimsir LáithreachSeries 21, Episode 118

    Aimsir 2 2017 - 118 Tx

    National and regional weather.

  • 7:00PM
    Nuacht TG4

    Nuacht TG4Series 20, Episode 118

    NUACHT TG4 2017 - 118 : Tx 28/04/17

    The day's main news stories from a regional, national and international perspective.

  • 7:20PM
    Rugbaí Beo

    Rugbaí BeoSeries 6, Episode 47

    Leinster v Glasgow Warriors

    Live coverage of Leinster v Glasgow Warriors from the RDS in the 21st round of the PRO12. The fight for top spot at the summit of the PRO12 table continues as the teams battle it out for a place in the Semi-Finals. Can Leinster finish top and guarantee a home semi-final? Presented by Máire Treasa Ní Dhubhghaill.

  • 9:45PM
    Seó Spóirt (OS)

    Seó Spóirt (OS)Series 11, Episode 13

    Seó Spóirt 2017 - 13

    Dara and his guests will look ahead at the All Ireland U21 Football Final.

  • 10:45PM
    An Western: Chato's Land

    An Western: Chato's Land

    (1971, Western) Starring Charles Bronson, Jack Palance and James Whitmore. Directed by Michael Winner. When Pardon Chato, a mestizo, kills a US marshal in self-defence, a posse pursues him. But as the white volunteers advance deep in Indian territory they become more hunted than prey, leading to internal strife.

  • 0:35AM
    Muintir na Mara (OS)

    Muintir na Mara (OS)Series 6, Episode 6

    Muintir na Mara 6 - 6

    Series in which Pádraig Ó Duinnín, a Cork boat builder, travelled by boat, bicycle and van around the stunning coast of Donegal. In this last programme of the series Pádraig leaves Downings for Rathmullan and on up to Malin Head. He finishes his journey in Culmore, within sight of Derry.

  • 1:05AM
    An Aimsir Láithreach

    An Aimsir LáithreachSeries 21, Episode 118

    Aimsir 4 2017 - Tx

    National and International Forecast.

  • 1:10AM
    The Almighty Johnsons

    The Almighty JohnsonsSeries 3, Episode 4

    Like the Berserkers of Old

    Axl causes major damage to Mike's bar, forcing Mike and Michelle to move back into Michelle's place with her mother, Karen. Anders is tempted by a substantial monetary offer from Colin to help him run for mayor of Auckland using Anders' recently expanded Bragi powers.

  • 2:05AM
    France 24

    France 24Series 9, Episode 118

    FRANCE 24 2017 - 118

    FRANCE 24 is France's 24 hour international news channel, characterized by respect for diversity and attention to political and cultural differences and identities. Presented live from Paris, the channel has 180 staff journalists and correspondents all over the world.