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Ar an Aer


New series looking at life in the Gaeltacht and Irish
speaking communities from the 1960’s to the 1990’s.


Parental Rating: G

This weeks' look through the archives looks at how Saints are celebrated, and also how priests performed a variety of roles within a community, not just as a spiritual leader as we see in Huddersfield

First Shown: 13 Nov

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The way we live our lives today would be unimaginable to the generations that went before us. Improvements in standards of living with the arrival of running water and electricity, developments in technology, infrastructure and communications gave opportunities that could only be dreamt of in the past. Our search through the archives concludes this week with a look at the arrival of the new age. Presented by Micheál Ó Sé.


Produced by Sibéal Teo.

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