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Barney Bunion


A look back on the comedy series
Saturday @ 11.40pm


Barney Bunion 1-2

Parental Rating: G

Local millionaire, James McMahon enlists the help of Barney to prove that his future son-in-law is a cheating on Eileen with another dancer and that's he's only marrying her for money.

First Shown: 11 Jul

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Barney Bunion

Comedy Series. Barney Bunion is married with one son, Billy. He decides to carve a new career for himself as a Private Investigator, with the help of his Brother Cecil. With no formal training neither has a clue of what’s ahead of them. This week Kitty’s dog is missing and there’s a drug seizure in the locality. When Kitty reports the dog missing to Sgt. Dickson, and doesn’t get any satisfaction, because he’s more interested in the drug seizure, she enlists the help of Barney. Little did Sgt. Dickson know that Barney would be involved in solving both.

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