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Bus Ghlaschú


The story of the Glasgow bus, a lifeline
between Donegal & the Scottish city.

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Bus Ghlaschú

This is the story of the Glasgow bus ( Bus Ghlaschú), a lifeline between Donegal and the Scottish city to which successive generations from that county have flocked for over two centuries. From transporting coffins to IRA hijackings, there isn’t much that the bus owners haven’t experienced during 50 years of running this service.

This 4 part documentary series will give viewers a unique insight into the bus passengers, from the Donegal emigrants of the 1960s to the current crop of holiday makers travelling back and forward.

Contributors include bus owners Feda Ó Donnell, John McGinley and Anthony Doherty and drivers Pádraig Ferry and James Doherty as well as some of the famous and colorful characters who have used this bus over the years, including Ireland and Glasgow Celtic legendary goalkeeper (and Donegal native) Packie Bonner, Lorraine McIntosh of Deacon Blue, as well as the bus company owners and drivers responsible for getting them from Donegal to Glasgow.

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