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Crainn na hÉireann


Manchán Magan will travel about Ireland identifying our native trees.
Thursday @ 9.30pm


Nádúrú na gCrann 1-9

Parental Rating: G

Manchán Magan takes a look at our naturalised trees which came here with the movement of people into our country and are not native as such to Ireland, trees like the Horse Chestnut, the sycamore, the

First Shown: 12 Jul

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A series which explores the trees of Ireland.  What impact do trees have on our environment and what are our connections with the trees around us.
Episode 10…
Manchán Magan visits Powerscourt, Co Wicklow which is a home to some of the most exotic trees in the world amongst them the tallest tree in Ireland the Douglas Fir. He meets with Michael Byrne the chief gardener who shows him around. We see the Sequoia from the US, the Lebanese Cedar and a garden designed by the Wingfield family in 1908.

Produced by Abú Media.

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