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School of Tomorrow
At a time of digital revolution we need to rethink school.
Thursday @ 10.50pm


Fíorscéal 19-18

Parental Rating: PG

Cod season is the backdrop of the story of Ylva (9) and Tobias (10). Ylva lives in Oslo and comes to visit her grandparents - and to learn cod tongue cutting.

First Shown: 20 Aug

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Fíorscéal brings a new season of top-class international documentaries that continue to throw a sometimes disturbing or controversial light on issues which affect us environmentally, socially, politically and globally.  Among the documentaries of the new season are:

School of Tomorrow – Thursday @ 10.50pm
At a time of digital revolution we need to rethink school and discover an overview of the most innovative educational experiences across the world. From Singapore to Finland, from France to the United States, what are the most successful education systems? Teachers, parents, students and educators present the newest methods being used in their respective countries. Learn about their doubts, their thoughts, their ambitions and their hopes.

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