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The Lost World of Lengurru

Wednesday @ 12.25am


Fíorscéal 18-10

Parental Rating: 12A

The season of tropical cyclones lasts from May to October. They pass northwards over Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea to Japan, leaving in their path swaths of devastation, death, and billions of dollars wort

First Shown: 21 Jun

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Fíorscéal brings a new season of top-class international documentaries that continue to throw a sometimes disturbing or controversial light on issues which affect us environmentally, socially, politically and globally.  Among the documentaries of the new season are:

The Lost World of Lengurru – 27.06.18 @ 12.25am

Born after the violent collision of tectonic plates at the borders of the Indian Ocean, in West Papua, the Lengguru karst massif surged upwards suddenly 11 million years ago, raising insurmountable barriers. It has since remained closed on itself. This region has permitted the development of a myriad of species found nowhere else. A unique ecosystem about which everything, or almost, has yet to be discovered. This film recounts the most important scientific expedition ever conducted in Papua. 50 European and Indonesian researchers ventured for weeks in territories never explored before.

Disaster Diaries 2015 – 28.06.18 @ 10.30pm

Record-breaking cyclone activity, explosive volcanic eruptions, powerful earthquakes and endless heat waves – 2015 was punctuated by a number of exceptional natural disasters. The toll of these terrifying events: 20,000 lives lost and more than 42 billion dollars worth of damage. Is this the result of global warming or could other factors, like El Nino, be to blame? How do scientists try to forecast these cataclysms? Is it possible for inhabitants to prepare in advance and anticipate these natural events? This film presents the major natural disasters of 2015.

Dynamic Salt – 04.07.18 @ 12.25am

Could we get all our energy needs from sea water and the salt it contains? Are we to witness a time when salt will power our engines and factories, and light up our cities? Could this be the final curtain not only for shale gas and oil, but also the burning of fossil fuels and the beginning of a gentler form of energy that is definitely renewable? This documentary explores the latest research on sea water and the way scientists all over the world are working on “Blue Energy”.

Disaster Diaries 2016 – 05.07.18 @ 10.30pm

2016 has been hit by a large number of serious weather-related natural disasters including droughts, wildfires, flooding, typhoons and hurricanes as well as an unusual amount of seismic upheaval in the form of earthquakes. Unlike traditional current affairs programs, this film takes the audience into the heart of events using high end filming techniques and intersperses the stunning photography with expert analysis from international scientists.

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