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Gaeil UK


Seán Mac an tSíthigh travels around the UK
to meet with Irish immigrants who now call the UK home
Begins Thursday @ 8.00pm

Gaeil UK

In this new 4-part series Seán Mac an tSíthigh travel to various parts of the UK to meet with many generations of Irish immigrants who now call the UK home. Seán gives an insight into the Irish immigrant community who have assimilated into every aspect of life in the UK while preserving their own very distinctive identity.
Episode 1: – Thursday @ 8.00pm
In the first episode of the series, Sean arrives in Liverpool, the entry point to Britain for millions of Irish and a city with a long established Irish community. From here he travels across the Pennines to Yorkshire, to Leeds and Huddersfield; where after the second World war, thousands and thousands of Irish men and women arrived to help rebuild a shattered country.



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