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Accounting Services

TG4 invites specialist companies with the required professional abilities to tender for Accounting Services to work / operate from the TG4 offices located in Baile na hAbhann Co. Galway.

Lot 1:  Financial Controller Services as specified in Appendix A

Lot 2:  Payroll Services as specified in Appendix B

It should be noted that the contracts may be awarded for both Lot 1 and Lot 2 or individual Lots to enable TG4 to seek the best value for money. In the event of the Lots being awarded separately it is expected that the successful contractors will co-operate with each other to complete the project.

Any contract that may result from this competition will be issued for a term of nine (9) months, subject to quarterly reviews, and thereafter on a month to month basis not to exceed twenty four (24) months in total at the sole discretion of TG4.

Please indicate your intention to make a submission by the deadline date.

Please email your intention to the TG4 Procurement Officer

Deadline:   05-07-2018  @  15:00

Link:   eTenders


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