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Complaints About Access Services


Complaints About Access Services

This document will be used to capture information about subtitling issues on television programmes. It has been designed to try and capture as much information as possible about the problem which should give the broadcaster and platform provider a better chance of resolving the issue.

This is a pilot programme which has been developed by the BAI, broadcasters and platform providers. The programme will be developed over time based on feedback from all stakeholders.

We will require some personal information to allow the broadcaster contact the viewer for further information. In line with GDPR requirements, this information will only be used for this complaint and will be deleted afterwards.

This document asks you to provide information about yourself, the programme you watched and how you watched it. You can only complain about a programme broadcast on a channel listed in the Access Rules. These channels are:

RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, RTÉ One + One, RTÉjr, RTÉ News Now

Virgin Media One ,Virgin Media Two, Virgin Media Three


Eir Sport

Oireachtas TV

Cork Community Television

Dublin Community Television

You cannot complain about programmes on BBC, ITV etc.

    1. Personal Information

    Please provide some information about yourself. You do not have to provide all the information requested.

    "If you wish to be contacted by text only, please tick this box" Yes

    Your Name

    Telephone No.




    Email Address

    2. Programme Information
    Please provide the following information about the programme

    What was the name of the programme?

    When was the programme broadcast?
    Please provide the date and time. Time:

    What channel was the programme on?
    Choose from this list:

    What language were the subtitles in?
    Choose from this list:

    Please provide some information about the complaint, eg. there were no subtitles, the subtitles stopped half way through the programme etc. The more information that you provide the easier it will be for the broadcaster or platform provider to find the cause of the problem.

    Enter the information here:

    3. How you viewed the programme

    Did you watch the programme on a television set?
    Please select Yes or No below:

    If you selected “Yes” from the drop down list above please proceed to question 4.
    If you selected “No” please go to question 5.

    4. Viewed programme on a television set

    Please enter the manufacturer and model of the television set in the box below (eg Sony, Panasonic)
    Manufacturer Model

    4.1 Did you watch the programme as it was broadcast, on a catch up service (eg TG4 Player), or record it for viewing at a later time?

    If you chose “Live” or “Recorded for later viewing” then go to question 4.2.
    If you chose “Catch up service” then please provide the name of the catch up service in the box below.

    Please go to question 6.

    4.2 Did you stream the programme via the broadcaster’s website on your television set, eg TG4 Live Stream on

    If you selected “No” please go to question 4.3.
    If you selected “Yes” please proceed to question 6.

    4.3 Did you receive the programme through the television, eg. built in Saorview, or via an external set top box, eg. Sky, Virgin Media etc?

    If you selected “Free to Air/Combo box” or “Other” from the drop down list above please provide the manufacturer and model number in the box below
    Manufacturer Model

    5. Did not view programme on a television set
    You have said that you did not watch the programme on a television set.
    Please choose from the list below the device that you watched the programme on:

    Please specify the make and model of the device
    Manufacturer: Model:

    6. Final question
    Please provide the name of your internet provider in the box below:


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