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2020 Deadlines

Babhta Coimisiúnaithe TG4 – Aibreán 2020 10th April 2020 at 5pm



Babhta Coimisiúnaithe TG4 – Aibreán 2020

TG4 welcomes submissions from independent production companies for entertaining, inspiring and engaging content for our audiences on our linear and digital platforms. All content being proposed must be able to be produced and delivered remotely and safely as per TG4, HSE and government guidelines.

We are interested in high-quality content for the TG4 linear schedule for broadcast from autumn 2020 onwards. Programmes or series that can be produced primarily through post-production at this time including the creative repackaging or repurposing of archive content or other formats are particularly welcomed. As with all TG4 content, ideas pitched should have a strong audience and slot based focus.

We would also like to hear your ideas for short-form digital content for broadcast during this Covid-19 pandemic period that provides welcome relief and entertainment, shows the strength and links between our communities and uplifts TG4 audiences’ spirits. These digital-first ideas should be pitched with a strong, specific audience focus in mind for our TG4, BLOC or Molscéal platforms.

All proposals, including a full budget, must be submitted through a production company and uploaded to TG4’s e-commissioning system by Friday, 10th April 2020 at 5pm with decisions expected shortly after Easter.



Register your Company or Upload your Application

You can [ Register your Company ] and/or [ Upload your Application ] using TG4 e-commissioning from here.