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TG4 provides a range of subtitle options, including English language, Irish language and subtitles for Hard of Hearing.
Below is the key denoting various subtitle options on TG4 output.


Ros na Rún Subtitles

Tuesday & Thursday at 20:30
For English language subtitles you need to choose Subtitles ON
If you are setting Series Record, the 23:30 transmission is the best option to ensure the Subtitles are available on your recording.

Sunday Omnibus and Tuesday & Thursday at 23:30
English language subtitles on screen.
To select Irish language subtitles, choose SUBTITLES ON

ROS na RÚN Catch Up on the Player
You can choose optional Irish language or English language subtitles on our catch up service at or on the App.

Subtitle availability for TG4 programmes are indicated on the listings pages as follows:

  • OS – English Onscreen Subtitles
  • TS – English subtitles available by choosing Subtitles On or Page 888 on teletext
  • GS – Irish language subtitles available by choosing Subtitles On or Page 888 on teletext
  • OS & TS – English subtitles available on screen and additional English language Subtitles available for hard of hearing by choosing Subtitles On.
  • OS & GS – English subtitles available on screen and Irish language Subtitles available by choosing Subtitles on.

Currently, there are Irish language subtitles available for Ros na Rún and for some kids content (such as Saol faoi Shráid and Garfield).  To access Subtitles – choose Subtitles On or alternatively go to page 888 on teletext.


Subtitles on TG4 Player

TG4 has updated our subtitle service online.  Content will now appear with optional subtitles on all TG4 Player platforms.  To choose to switch off subtitles, press cc in the programme player control panel.  The subtitles remain burnt in for some of the older content on the player.

If we have Irish language subtitles available, these can be selected as an option.

If you are viewing on Explore 8, Windows ’95 or older platforms, these upgraded options will not function.  You need to upgrade your Browser to avail of the subtitle options

We trust that these changes will benefit our viewers.  Please let us know if you have any difficulty.