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Broadband Services

TG4 currently has a 200Mb primary and a diverse 100Mb secondary broadband connection into its main facility in Baile na hAbhann.

Tenders are asked to provide costing options for the provision of symmetrical primary circuits with associated costing options for similar sized diverse secondary circuits with capacity of the following broadband connection:

  1. 200Mb primary
  2. 400Mb primary
  3. 600Mb primary
  4. 800Mb primary

Link: eTenders

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

TG4 welcomes tender applications to provide SEO services.  The SEO service will develop an SEO strategy for TG4 and manage TG4’s SEO rankings to ensure TG4 content is visible and discoverable within search rankings.  The service will advise and direct best practice in terms of site indexation, URL structures, PPC spend and keyword selection and will monitor and track progress on a monthly basis.

Link: eTenders


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