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Application for copies of programmes (for private and domestic use only)

N.B: Before making an application please read the conditions below.


Payment Details

You will be contacted by e-mail if the programme you require is available. If you wish to purchase the requested item please inform us and we will issue you with an invoice.


  • 30 minutes programme – €88 + VAT @ 23% = €108.24
  • Over 30 minutes – €125 + VAT @ 23% = €153.75



Allow 21 days from receipt of payment for delivery.


This application does not guarantee availability.
Should material not be available you will be advised by e-mail.
It is clearly understood that any copy provided is for private use only.
It must not be copied or used in any manner, other than the specific purpose for which it is supplied or in any way which is detrimental to any person or body.
Submission of this form constitutes agreement to these conditions.