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Ros na Rún


Tuesday & Thursday @ 8.30pm


Ros na Rún 22-30

Parental Rating: G

Berni's house becomes a hide out for Vanessa, but how long can she run from the truth? Niall is in complete turmoil to justify himself. Pádraig on learning of Katy and Jason relationship difficulties

First Shown: 14 Dec

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Ros na Rún

Tuesday – 19.12 @ 8.30pm
Maggie continues to battle with her asthma and another attack leaves her gasping for life and for Tadhg. Is it Pól’s agenda to rob Maggie’s money or does he have a conscience? Is all this caring and attention for Maggie blowing Tadhg’s cover? Vanessa is struggling with Fia and how she blatantly lied to her, without any issue. Vanessa fears that Niall may take advantage of Fia again as he reaches out for custody of Liam Óg. Is Amy about to get her handsome Aussie Rules player or will she realise all is not what it seems?

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