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Ros na Rún


Berni is struggling with Jude’s deterioration.
Tuesday @ 8.30pm


Ros na Rún 23-56

Parental Rating: G

Berni is relieved that her mother is not badly injured but is eager to bring her home until the doctor delivers some devastating news. Bobbi Lee and Niall are enjoying their rendezvous in the B&B unti

First Shown: 14 Mar

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Ros na Rún has returned to TG4 for it’s 23rd season!
Tuesday – @ 8.30pm
Dee is not impressed that Katy is sending Mack on an errand on the day they are due to attend an antenatal class. Her hackles are further raised when Katy seems to know more about her husband that she does. An angry Dee lets herself in to Katy’s house but to her horror Mack and Katy enter. Will Dee get caught? Berni is struggling with Jude’s deterioration, but is reluctant to disclose to others that her mother has Alzheimer’s. Briain is left with little choice but to cover for Berni.

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