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Ros na Rún


Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 5.30pm & 8.30pm


Ros na Rún 22-66

Parental Rating: G

A package awaits Jason when he returns from his trip to Dublin with Cuán. Jason is preoccupied with Jay's paternity and an agitated Katy is worried. Will Katy's gut feelings be enough to convince Jaso

First Shown: 19 Apr

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Ros na Rún

Tuesday – 24.04 @ 5.30pm & 8.30pm
Katy and Jason spend a night away in a hotel together and are more than relaxed after some R ‘n R and time away from the children. Little do they know that their lives are about to be pulled apart forever. As Gráinne and Laoise prepare for the ‘Anam an Iarthair’ competition, they recruit Peatsaí for some much needed help. John Joe has a new found lease of life by way of buying the petrol pumps off Micheál. His loan has been approved and he is ready for business! However, things don’t go according to plan when he visits Micheál. What will John Joe do now?

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