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Research Reveals increase in Classroom Adoption of Visual Media, Highlighting the Impact of TG4/Cúla4 on Enhanced Learning Experiences

"Research work by TG4 demonstrates an increase in the Use of Visual Media Opportunities in the Classroom: Teachers are using TG4/Cúla4 for an Enhanced Learning Experience"


The results of research commissioned by TG4 on the role of TG4 as an educational resource and opportunity were recently published.

Following research conducted by RED C Marketing & Research, commissioned by TG4 in 2020, to examine the use of Cúla4 in National schools, it is evident from the research results of 2023 that there has been a significant increase in the use of Cúla4 and TG4 in the classroom.

The main findings indicate that 52% of teachers surveyed now use TG4/Cúla4 in the classroom. This equates to 12,270 teachers nationwide, with an estimated audience of 288,000 according to the survey. This signifies a 15% increase in classroom viewership since the previous research conducted in 2020. It’s not just the increase in usage that is significant; 86% of teachers report that visual media opportunities are used in the classroom at least once a week.

The research results show a consistent trend, as schools returned to face-to-face teaching post the Covid-19 pandemic, utilising video media resources, TG4/Cúla4 in this case. Additionally, following the success of ‘Cúla4 ar Scoil’ during the pandemic, 43% of surveyed teachers state that they use visual media in the classroom when teaching Irish most or all of the time, with approximately two-thirds, 60%, of teachers believing that video resources are very important in their teaching.

One significant aspect highlighted by this latest research is that 77% of teachers consider visual media opportunities to be a fundamental aspect of their lesson plans for some subjects. These results indicate a shift in mindset and satisfaction among teachers, who are also clearly happy to adapt their teaching methods to meet educational goals.

Teachers, who often have limited time to search for new resources, praised the continued availability of content through TG4. They also noted a stronger engagement with the video resources available through TG4, as students hear Irish spoken by native speakers, which is deemed better than learning from textbooks in the classroom. Among the surveyed teachers, it was common to use video resources for specific subjects such as Irish, Music, History, and Geography. 91% of teachers use video media ‘most/all of the time’ or ‘sometimes’ when teaching History and Geography, and 86% when teaching the Irish Language.

There is widespread praise across the education sector for the establishment of Cúla4 a few months ago and ‘Nuacht Cúla4’ is mentioned as the best-performing program in the station’s schedule.

The Research indicates that the programme most regularly used in classrooms is ‘Nuacht Cúla4’ with 18% of teachers saying they ‘often use’ ‘Nuacht Cúla4’ in the classroom. There is a strong demand in all-Irish schools for ‘Is Eolaí Mé’, based on STEAM subjects, and ‘Nuacht Cúla4’, with 32% of teachers regularly using both programs in their teaching.

Satisfaction levels with TG4 Foghlaim, TG4’s online educational platform, are very high, with 94% of those teachers who were aware of TG4 Foghlaim, stating it is “very good” or “good”.

In contrast, only a quarter of teachers were aware of the online platform beforehand, indicating the need for greater awareness and understanding of the educational resources commissioned and made available on the platform.

With regards to teachers opinions of ‘TG4 Foghlaim’, teachers appreciated its connection to the curriculum, the standard and quantity of resources available, and would like more diversity on the platform regarding proficiency levels in Irish.

The most important factors considered by teachers when teaching Irish and their impact on determining the use of video media when teaching are (a) ensuring the content is understandable to the children b) the age appropriateness of the resources and (c) aligning it with the curriculum.

Commenting on the research results, Geoff Tucker, Director of RED C Research & Marketing, said, “Regarding the Irish medium, TG4 could be the primary resource for every language school in Ireland. Levels of awareness and importance are curbing courses, as well as relying on the teacher’s development.”

Conall Ó Máirtín, TG4 Education Editor, expressed optimism about the research results but emphasized the need for additional resources, “There is an opportunity to do more, and TG4 is committed to expanding ‘TG4 Foghlaim’ and serving other educational areas, additional subjects, additional educational support opportunities, and more comprehensive content that aligns with the curriculum and educational themes.”


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