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TG4, BBC Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Screen’s Irish Language Broadcast Fund (ILBF) today announced funding for a new initiative, Amharc. Amharc has been created to support the production of landmark creative films on the arts in Northern Ireland today.

TG4, BBC NI & Northern Ireland Screen launch new funding initiative, Amharc to support landmark creative films.


Amharc will provide film-makers with an opportunity to make distinctive, ambitious productions which will enrich BBC and TG4’s main programming schedules and which will also have a cinematic release. All artistic disciplines will be considered. Priority will be given to contemporary subjects but contemporary treatments of historical works will also be considered.

Emphasis will be placed on treatments and storytelling that are creative and innovative whilst also having an approach that will entice the largest audience possible.

In the scheme’s first season, the total funding pot will be £150, 000 and it is expected that two projects will be funded. Projects should be 50-70 minutes in duration with a maximum budget of £75,000. However, it is possible that projects with a larger ambition and financial plan may be chosen if they seek funding from other sources. Completed projects must be in Irish or bilingual and in HD with English subtitles.

It is envisaged that projects will launch with a cinematic release before they broadcast on TG4 and BBC in early 2019.

The ILBF will administer the scheme in conjunction with broadcasters BBC and TG4 and the projects should comply with the ILBF and the broadcasters’ priorities and aims.

Representatives from the ILBF, TG4 and BBC Northern Ireland will be responsible for selecting the applications.

Further details and information on how to apply can be found at:

For further information please contact Mary McVey, Marketing & Communications Manager, at or call 02890 232 444.