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TG4 have congratulated Telegael on the announcement of significant investment in the company by Indian based international animation studio – Toonz.

TG4 congratulates Telegael & Toonz


It was announced this week that Toonz, which is based in southern India, has made a substantial investment in the production facilities and post-production house, based in Spiddal, Co. Galway.
Reacting to the announcement, TG4 Director General, Alan Esslemont said:
‘This is a great news story for the audiovisual sector in the West of Ireland. For a company that started from humble beginnings in 1988, Telegael have shown over the years that it is possible to ensure strategic growth, develop superior capabilities and achieve internationally acclaimed standards when you take the right approach.
‘We are delighted that TG4 has played our own small part in Telegael’s success, through ongoing partnership in relation to the production and broadcasting of programmes, the use of production, dubbing and post-production facilities and through supporting co-production and and international audiovisual collaborations.
Telegael have gained vast experience and developed top quality skills in their dedicated local workforce. They have achieved critical acclaim and won international awards. All this proves that companies based in the regions can create top quality employment opportunities, with high net worth and products that can compete with the best that is available worldwide.
‘Other companies that TG4 supports are learning form Telegael’s success and it is an integral part of our corporate strategy to assist them as well, to access new international markets, create new employment and be even more positive contributors to the Irish economy by adopting similar business strategies’.